Over 1800 years ago, Saint Irenaeus of Lyons wrote: “The glory of God is a human being fully alive.” (Or words to that effect.) Here at St. David of Wales our mission is to be a place to become fully alive. That being-fully-alive-ness takes as many forms as there are people:

  • worship
  • teaching children
  • doing yoga
  • making soup
  • gardening
  • making art with clay
  • upcycling unwanted jewelry
  • pressing delicious coffee and sharing it with a friend
  • reading great books with people who live outside
  • taking music lessons
  • teaching music lessons
  • singing in a community choir
  • contemplative practice
  • more….

To learn more about our community, explore this site and come visit us in person. We’ll be glad to see you. Come, come, whoever you are, worshipper, wonderer, lover of leaving…..


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