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Who we are:

We are a sacramental community: our holy table is the center of our common life.

Our worship reflects the theology of The Episcopal Church: we worship with our bodies and all of our senses (stand and sing, sit and listen,
turn to your neighbor, smell the coffee, share your treasure, enjoy a holy meal, pray and sing some more). We take ordinary things like bread and wine, and ordinary people like you and me, and our children, grandchildren, and grandparents, and make them holy through prayer, song, and story. We draw from ancient stories and from everyday encounters with the holy and the unholy.

Here at St. David’s we are also blessed with a huge extended family in the many people who use our building each week. We like to think this extended family is as much a part of St. David’s as the people who were baptized here 50 years ago or married here 40 years ago. Our extended family reflects the values of our Anglican tradition–creativity, diverse spiritual practice, community life, justice, creation care–as well as the values and ethos of our inner Southeast Portland neighborhood.

We are an open and affirming church. Wherever you may be on your journey, there is a place for you here, and all are welcome.

Come join the table. Come join our family.


Baptism is a sacrament through which infants, children, and adults become members of a Christian community of faith–both a particularly community, and the larger community of faith that stretches through time and around the world. In the Episcopal Church we offer baptism on four festival days throughout the year: All Saints Sunday in November, the Baptism of our Lord in January, the Great Vigil of Easter (Saturday night before Easter Sunday) and the Great Feast of Pentecost in late May or early June. If you would like to know more about baptism and baptismal preparation, please contact Sara.

Our By-Laws:

In 2012, the vestry of St. David’s (that’s Anglican for “board of directors”) re-wrote our by-laws. No mean feat, as the most recent version on hand dated back to the 19th century! The whole parish voted on the adoption of these revised by-laws at our annual meeting on January 27, 2013. You can access this important document simply by clicking here: By-Laws.


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